DRA 2020 Help


Getting Started in DRA 2020

Sign Up

Sign up with your email and a password. By default your email name (without the host) will be your username, but you can change that later if you want. Your email will not be visible to others, but your username will be if you publish any maps.

After you sign up, you'll be logged in automatically. Click Account (upper left) to change account settings. Then click Profile where you can edit your username.

Click Close Account Panel to close.

New Map

Click New Map, which brings you to this screen.

  • Give your map a Name.
  • Select the State.
  • Select the Data Source:
    • 2016 Block Groups: Updated population estimates from the American Community Survey with some election data.
    • 2010 Voting Districts: Population data from the 2010 Census with some election data.

You'll notice when you select the Data Source, the app defaults the District Count to the current number of the congressional seats and sets the target population for each district, but you can change the District Count to whatever you want.

Click Apply and you'll be presented with a map ready for you to color.

Color Map

Let's look at the image below left to right.

  • The leftmost panel has colored radio buttons for each district and for Unassigned. Click one to choose the district you want to color. Use a lock to lock a district from further changes. (You can unlock, too.) The Population column shows how many people you've put into each district. The Deviation column shows how far you are from the target population for each district.
  • The next panel shows the demographic and election details for the selected district. (On Chrome and Firefox the bar-graph effect visually shows percentages within a data section.) You can edit which data sections are shown by clicking the Edit icon.
  • Look at the green control on the top bar. Toggle the switch to change Color Mode. Use the drop down to select the Color Unit (BG/VT or County). When you are in Color Mode, click the shapes on the map to color, which assigns those color units to the selected district.

Your map is automatically saved in the cloud and ready for you when you come back. Check out the other sections for more detail.

Happy Redistricting!